Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Important Announcements

Hi All

Here are some important announcements:

  1. Club training: As the season is approaching(NRC League), we will be training from this week onwards three times a week. Tue, Thur at CCAB 7-9pm and Sat West Coast Park 4-6pm. All players please take note.
  2. Club Subs: For those who have not paid up the dateline is by the end of this week. Those that are facing monetary problems please approach the coaches or the club treasurers for help. You could even pay on a weekly basis if you are facing problems. Once players paid up their subs they will be entitled to the club kits and also to play in the NRC league.
  3. Outgoing Vice Captain: Syzawan your current vice captain will be off for enlistment this coming Friday. As such all his duties will be taken over by DUSTIN JAMES. So all players please give Dustin your fullest support.
  4. Women Section: As most of you know that we do have a women section. As such we want to recruit more ladies player both touch and contact. We do hope that the women section will be able to take part in the 15's and 7's tournament (Contact) and also in the Singapore Touch League(Touch). So guys please spread the word to your workmate, friends, girlfriends, wives, schoolmates etc.
  5. Club Constitution: The club constitution have been in placed and we will have it posted on the club blog. Please read through it once it have been posted. Any player that require a copy of it please approach the club secretaries. Ms. Amriah or Ms. Chew Wan Ping.
  6. Register of Society: As a club we need to register ourselves with the Register of Society (Singapore) so that everything is in place and in order. FYI.

Thank you for your attention.



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