Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Players List

The list that all have been waiting for:

Norton Rose Tournament 4th Dec:
1Md. Danial Bin Jeffry

2 Mohammad Raihan

3Owyong Zhihao

4Muhammad Irfan Bin Abdul Aziz (Capt)


6Muhamad Danial

7Khariual Asyraf Bin Aswan

8Muhammad Sufyan Bin Saqi’ee

9Mohamed Ma’uz Bin Mohamed Mokh’ee

10Mohamad Safiy Bin Mohamad

11Wee Hongyu

12Kazuki Takenaga

13Roh Do Kyun

14Syed Faddil Bin Syed Abdullah Alkaff

15Ahmad Ariffin Bin Ahmad Affenddie

Three extra reserve (just in case of any injuiries):
Muhammad Nasri Bin Radzuan
Iyvn Toh

Cup of Nations 5th Dec:
1. Ariffin

2. Md. Dani

3. Bryan Chua

4. Kazuki

5. Roh Do Kyun

6. Md. Dinnie

7. Amir


All other details will be inform on a later date. I will let all know the schedule and grouping next week when we get the email.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Club News

Hi All

Please take note of the followings:

1) Club traning for Fasting Month

Please be informed that club trainig time will change from 1230pm to 430pm for the fasting month. Ths will allow all Muslim players to break fast after training. After fasting month training will resume back to the normal timing.

2) Primary Six Players

Please be informed tha there will be NO MORE training for P6s till after the PSLE.

3) Under 11s

Training will still resume for players undr 11s (P5s and P4s)

4) International Youth 10s 2010

This year the above mentioned event will take place on 4th and 5th Dec 2010 at Singapore Polo Club. This year the club would like send three teams: Under 10s, Under 12s an Under 15s. Training begins now.

5) Friendlies

Club will be looking for some friendlies games this coming couple of months. Do keep a lookout on club blog.

See you all this Sat.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Iskander Rugby 10's 2010

Dear All

First I would like to congrats our club Under 15s boy that have done very well in Johor this year. Coming home Plate Runner's Up for 2010.

Boys had a great and wet outing this year.

Day 1:
Game against SM Bandar Baru Uda JB (25-0)

Game against SM Zaaba NS (0-10)

As we have only three in our group the team was in the Cup Playoff for day 2.

Day 2:
Game against KGV NS (0-10)
Having lost the game we are now in the plate knock out stage

Game against Kolej Yayasan Saad (17-0)

Plate Semi final:
Here we are again this year in another semi final. Boys was all pump up and ready to go.

Game against our very own Singapore School Junyun Sec School (12-5)
A very close and tight game i was but the boys pull it tru and came in winners and now going int the last round of game the Finals. And it was broadcast live on Malaysia Cable TV Astro Channel 801 or 812.

Plate Finals:
Game against SDAR Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak (0-14)

Both team played very hard and very well defence game. The first break come 5 mins into the first half where their center broke thru the line.

Our forward game went very well and it just come not convert to points. Hard luck boys.

Boys going into the second half all pump up and ready, again it was a very tight half. Phases after phases we were camping in their half but again the points was not converted.

Having that in mind the boys was totally exhausted and their second break come by the wing.

Final whistle 0-14.

Overall, the boys did great.


PS: There will be no training this comingSat 7th Aug 2010. Its National Day weekend, have a good res and spend time with your family.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Club Training

Dear All

Sorry for the late update.

Please be informed that there will be NO Training till 19th Jun at 1230pm.

There will be some training matches before our tournament in JB.

For those that are ging to JB, payment have to be done by month end.

See you all on 19th Jun 2010.


PS: The coaches will be away this period of time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Under 12s grouping and fixtures

Dear Under 12s

Green Pool
Centaurs Tornados
TRC Hound Dogs
Sai Kung Stingrays

Yellow Pool
Centaurs Hurricanes
Centaurs Typhoons
TRC Terriers
Bintang RFC
Ta'Moko Lions RFC

8:00 RSC v TRC Hound Dogs
8:12 LFS v Centaurs Tornados
8:24 Sai Kung Stingrays v ISKL
8:36 Centaurs Typhoons v Bintang
8:48 TRC Terriers v T'amoko
9:00 LFS v RSC
9:12 Centaurs Typhoons v Centaurs Hurricanes
9:24 ISKL v TRC Hound Dogs
9:36 Centaurs Tornados v Sai Kung Stingrays
9:48 Bintang v T'amoko
10:00 TRC Terriers v Centaurs Typhoons
10:12 LFS v Sai Kung Stingrays
10:24 T'amoko v Centaurs Hurricanes
10:36 Centaurs Tornados v RSC
10:48 TRC Hound Dogs v LFS
11:00 Bintang v TRC Terriers
11:12 T'amoko v Centaurs Typhoons
11:24 Sai Kung Stingrays v TRC Hound Dogs
11:36 ISKL v LFS
11:48 Centaurs Hurricanes v Bintang
12:00 RSC v Sai Kung Stingrays
12:12 Centaurs Tornados v ISKL
12:24 Centaurs Hurricanes v TRC Terriers
12:36 TRC Hound Dogs v Centaurs Tornados
12:48 ISKL v RSC

13:12 3rd Green Pool v 4th Yellow Pool
13:24 3rd Yellow Pool v 4th Green Pool
13:36 1st Green Pool v 2nd Yellow Pool
13:48 1st Yellow Pool v 2nd Green Pool
14:00 Winner Bowl SF1 v Winner Bowl SF2
14:24 Loser Cup SF1 v Loser Cup SF2
14:24 Winner Cup SF1 v Winner Cup SF2

Good Luck to all

Slight changes for under 16s

Dear Under 16s

New grouping:
T'amoko Lions

Time Team 1 Team 2
12:48 TRC vs LFS
13:00 Centaurs vs T'amoko Lions
13:24 T'amoko Lions vs TRC
13:36 LFS vs Centaurs
14:00 T'amoko Lions vs LFS
14:12 TRC vs Centaurs

14:36 1st vs 4th
14:48 2nd vs 3rd

15:12 Loser Cup SF1 vs Loser Cup SF2
15:12 Winner Cup SF1 vs Winner Cup SF2

Players are to report to the field the same time 1130hrs

Barclays Cup 2010 Under 12s and 16s Players

Here is the namelist for Under 12s

Capt: Bobby Widagdo(ADPS)
V. Capt: Takenaga Kazuki (BGPS)
Roh Do Kyun (BGPS)
Joseph Tan (BGPS)
Akif B Samsodin (BGPS)
Muhammad Fatris (BGPS)
Kiatmaneesri Theerachote (BGPS)
Md. Ajwad B. A Rahman (ADPS)
Basir (ADPS)
Md. Nurhikmah (ADPS)
Jerrold Dayne Phang (ADPS)
Hisham (ADPS)
Rubesh (ADPS)
Keke (Yan's Brother)

Players (under 12s) please report to Turf City field by 0730hrs. Dont be late. First game at 0848hrs.

THose name not in the list do come down and support if you want too.

Under 16s Namelist:

Capt: Md. Safiy
V. Capt: Md Irfan
Hong Yu
Ivyn Toh
Md Dinie
Owyong **
Md. Suyan
Md. Firdaus

*Ardy and Suhami back up players

Players (Under 16s) please report to turf city by 1130hrs. Please come down and support the jr team.

All Players Please bring along the following:
Mouthguard (For those whom don't have I have spare that you could by from me)
Water bottle
Change of clothes
Black rugby shorts and those who have club shorts wear them.

The tournament will end by 1600hrs, for the juniors it will end by 1430hrs and the under 16s by 1600hrs.

Head Coach: Daniel
Forward Coach: Nil and Bart
Backline Coach: Sean

Thank you for yor attention. See you all tmw.....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barclays Cup 2010

Dear All

Please take note of the following reporting time:

Under 12s, pls report to the field at 730am.
Under 16s, pls report to the field at 1130am

Players are advise to be at the field early then the time mentioned.

Under 12s your first game start at 830am.

Under 12s Grouping:
Centaurs Hurricanes
Centaurs Typhoons
TRC Terriers

Under 12s there is two groups and the tournament will end around 230pm.

Under 16s Grouping:
T'amoko Lions
ACS International

UNder 16s only one group. Top 4 will make it into the semi finals. Loser in semi final will play in the plate finals, winner of semi will play in the cup finals.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Club Training Resume

Dear Players

Please be inform that there will be club training this Sat as per normal.

We will be going thru game plans for the upcoming Barclays Cup 10s tournament. All players are requested to turn up for training if they want to be consider for the team selection.

See you all this Sat.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sat Training Cancel

Dear All

There will be NO training this Sat.

Please do not go down to Farrer Park. Training will resume next Sat 24th Apr 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Club Training

HI all

Please be inform that club training will be as per normal this Sat 10th Apr 2010.

Time: 1230hrs to 1530hrs

See you all this weekend.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Club News

Dear Playing Members

Please be inform that the club will be issuing players with shorts the following Sat training 10th Mar 2010.

Players for under 12s and under 16s will be issue with shorts.


Under 12s club training t-shirt will be issue to all players once its ready.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Club Report

Hi All

Sorry for not updating the blog.

Club training as per normal this week Sat 3rd Apr 2010. Time 1230-330pm.

See you all.

Just to welcome some new players from BGPS and Bedok View Sec. Welcome you all to the club.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Club News

Dear All

Couple of news.

1) Match report
The under 14s boys took part in a 15 a side Easter Cup Rugby Festival at Turf City 13Mar 2010.
Have only 4 teams: Centuars RFC, French School(LFS), Greenridge and Tamoko Lions. It a robin round format. Game started at 240pm unber a hot sunny day we played our first match with Centaurs RFC, winning 3 tries to zero. Having this mind set the boys were all pumped up and going into the second game with LFS winning 2 tries and one, playing under heavy rain, third game was with Greenridge Secondary winning 5 tries to one. Overall the boys did very well, thanks to all the coaches that was present on the ground, Coach Sean, Coach Bart and Coach Nil. The team dearly misses Coach Kelvin whom is away in Tawian for work.

2) Man of the Match
There are three man of the match for the festival

Great job boys

3) New Players
I would like to welcome our new players Wan(GDL) Amir, Hal(ADSS), Roh and Kazuki(BGPS) into the club.

4) Danial our under 14s Capt.
Danial was injuired during the match againist LFS. He torn both ACL and MCL on the knee. He is currently out for the time being for re-hab. We wish you a speedy recovery.

5) Capt and Vice-Capt for Under 14s.
We would like welcome our two new capt. Md. Safiy (Capt) in replace for Danial and Md. Irfan (Vice Capt). The club would like all players to welcome them and give them your fullest support.

See you all this Sat 20th Mar 2010.

Go LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter Cup Fixtures

Dear Under 14s

Please be at turf city by 11am this coming Sat-Main pitch.

Some of you have to be down earlier as some of the orimary schools are taking part. I will sms all thsoe that are involve.

As for the under 14s below is the fixture:

1450 Ta'Moko Lions Vs Centurs
1605 Ta'Moko Lions Vs LFS
1720 Ta'Moko Lions Vs Greenridge

End of the day.

The will be pizza on sale at the veune. Please bring along cash and water.

See all of you this Sat.

Coaches please be at the ground by 1230hrs.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Game Report

Dear All

Today we had a game with LFS. It wasn't a good outing for the players as we are short in numbers.

The team played four halves. 2 halves of 7 a side and 2 halves of 15 a side.

The first halves saw the young lions scoring 4 tries but lack of concentration in the last couple of minutes allow the french to score a try. Bringing the total to 20-7. The second halves was a all french affairs. Running tries after tries.

Final score 20-31

The 15 a side saw a different ball game in total. The young lions came up as winner.

Final score: 26-10

Overall, good outing for the young lions.

We would like to thank the juniors(under 12s) for coming down to support the players. Thank you very much.

On a lighter note, our newest Ridwan is ok and he will be taking a break from rugby for at least a month.

Take care and rest well Ridwan.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Club Training

Dear All

Club training as usual tmw.

Time: 1230pm
Veune: Farrer Park

See you all.

PS: Tmw game is cancelled.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Dear All

First of all. A job well done to the Juniors Team. Winning a friendly with LFS on Mon 1st of Mar. The boys played 4 quarters of 10mins game.

Yan * 2
Hong Yu

Great job boys.

Secondly: Club training this Sat as usual. It may subject to change if there is a game in the evening at Turf City. Please keep a look out in the blog.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Club Notice

HI All

1)Please be inform that there will be training tmw at 1230pm Farrer Park. Please bring along sufficient water for training.

2)Game with LFS (French School) is confirm on 1st Mar. Kick off time at 5pm. Players (Under 14s) are to be at French School by 420pm. Please bring along your own water bottles or cooler. It will be a 7-A-Side game.

See you all at Training.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Club Training

Hi All

Club training will resume on Sat

Time: 1230hrs
Veune: Farrer Park

See you all.

After training, would like to invite all to go NTU to watch the inter-hall game. As our friends from Hall 11 will be playing at 3pm and 530pm. Let's go down and support our friends.



Hi All

Hope everyone had a good Chinese New Year.

Training will resume this weekend. However there may be some changes in the timing. I will post it up by tmw morning.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skins for Sale Both Body and Tights

New Skins Clima Tech Dual - all weather use.
COMPRESSION FIT - Helps Recovery. Keeps you dry and at PEAK performance longer.
Super Light weight Micro Fibre. Minimises muscle vibration, helping to reduce lactic acid build up.

Players that are keen please let me know during training and advise on the size.
We have it adult and youth(11-14 years) sizes.

We also have it in Short sleeves and both short and long tights.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Dear All

There will be NO TRAINING this Sat 13th Feb 2010. Training will resume again the following week 20th Feb 2010.

We would like to wish all chinese players GONG XI FA CAI....and all other non chinese players a happy hoilday..............


Friday, February 5, 2010

Club Training

Dear All

Please be inform that we will be having training as usual tomorrow.

Time: 1230pm
Veune: Farrer Park

Boys please bring along water and your mouthguard for training.

To all boys that will be going to KL, consent form will be issue out tomorrow at training. So please be present so that the forms could be handled out to you.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Club Training

Dear All

Club training as usual:

Day: Sat
Time: 1230-1500hrs
Veune: Farrer Park

Training will be for our upcoming tournament in KL. Under 14s and Seniors are to attend training.

Under 12-13s, we too have an upcoming tournament in Mar.

See you all on Sat for training.


Game Report

Hi All

Great Game boys.....

Though we have to wait for more then 2 hours before we could start the game. Final result 31-5

Ayam * 2
Coach Daniel * 2

Rhaimry * 2
Md Noh

Applause to our under 14s player taking on NTU. Even though NTU are older and stronger, the younger boys show great passion for the game.


Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dear All

Please be at Turf City Main Pitch tmw by 4pm.

We will have a short training and then the game will be at 5pm.

Please dont be late.

See you all

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Club Announcements

Dear All

Please take not of the followings:

1) Ta'Moko Lions RFC Vs NTU Hall 11(Titians)
Date: 31st Jan
Time: 1600hrs to report
Veune: Turf City Main Pitch

Open to all players including under 14s

2) Bintang Rugby 10s
The club will be touring to KL this year. We wish to send in two teams under 14s and senior for the above mentioned. We will be leaving on the 26th Feb at 1230pm for KL. Full Iternary will be out once players confirmed their attendance.
Date: 26-28 Feb
Veune: KL, Malaysia


Game Report.

Dear All

Today game with NTU Hall 11 was great. THank you guys for coming. It was indeed a great game for all of us.

The team won 4 tries to zero.

Tries coming from:
Coach Bart
Md Noh

Great work all.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunday Game

Dear All

Please be at Turf City this Sunday at 0930hrs for warm up.

Game kick off at 1000hrs.

See you all

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beach Touch 2010

Dear All

We are looking into sending couple of teams for the above mentioned.

Under 16s and Under 21s.

Those of you that are keen please post your name is the comment col.

Date: 30th Jan 2010
Time: 0900hrs till dawn
Veune: Sentosa


Monday, January 18, 2010

Ta'Moko Lions Vs NTU Hall 11

Dear All

Please be inform that we have a game this coming Sun

Date: 24th Jan 2010
Veune: Turf City Main Pitch
Time: 1000hrs kick off
Format: 10 a side

Pls be at the field by 9am for warm up.

We will have some beers and makan after the game.

See you all.

Game Report

Dear All

Once again thank you for all coming down on a Sun to play the game. It was a good game and we did very well.

We at Ta'Moko Lions would like to say thank you to Centaurs RFC for hosting the game. Thank you.

Game went well, under 14s taking the field at 4pm with a lost to Centaurs RFC. Great Game even tho we lost. We played 15s instaed of 10s.

Main Game with for the two lost players. With a min of Silence before kick off at 5pm.

The main game was fast and hard. It was a great game of rugby in all. With us winning 17-15. Tries coming from Bear, Hisham and Ian. With Hisham adding 2 points from the kick.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Memorial Game

Dear All

Please be inform of the following:

Game is this Sun.

Under 14s please be at Turf City Main Pitch by 3pm.

Senior please be at the pitch by 330pm to warm up.

First game kick off at 4pm for the under 14s.

Please bring along your own water bottles.

Wear Blacks rugby shorts.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training Veune

Dear All

Following a meeting last Sat. The decision is to continue training at:

Farrer Park. Time will be move to 1230pm to 230pm.


Starting next Wed we will have fitness training at CCAB (Bt Timah) from 7pm to 830pm.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Club Training

Dear All

Please be inform as of this year club training will be at 1230pm to 230pm on Sat.

This week will be the last week training at Farrer Park. There after all club training will be held at Turf City Main Pitch Area.

The time will be from 1-3pm.

See you all tmw at Farrer Park.


Monday, January 4, 2010


happy new year to all of you......HOPE EVERYONE OF YOU HAD A GREAT NEW YEAR.

Been busy lately so didnt have the time to update the blog.

Anyway, we would like to welcome back coach Sean.

Training will resume this coming Sat. Please check the club blog for veune and time of club training for 2010.

The memorial game will be held on 17th Jan 2010. Time should be around 4pm kick off. Veune will be at Turf City.

New training plans, new year and loads of tournament coming our way. It will be an exciting 2010 for Ta'Moko Lions RFC.


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