Friday, May 7, 2010

Under 12s grouping and fixtures

Dear Under 12s

Green Pool
Centaurs Tornados
TRC Hound Dogs
Sai Kung Stingrays

Yellow Pool
Centaurs Hurricanes
Centaurs Typhoons
TRC Terriers
Bintang RFC
Ta'Moko Lions RFC

8:00 RSC v TRC Hound Dogs
8:12 LFS v Centaurs Tornados
8:24 Sai Kung Stingrays v ISKL
8:36 Centaurs Typhoons v Bintang
8:48 TRC Terriers v T'amoko
9:00 LFS v RSC
9:12 Centaurs Typhoons v Centaurs Hurricanes
9:24 ISKL v TRC Hound Dogs
9:36 Centaurs Tornados v Sai Kung Stingrays
9:48 Bintang v T'amoko
10:00 TRC Terriers v Centaurs Typhoons
10:12 LFS v Sai Kung Stingrays
10:24 T'amoko v Centaurs Hurricanes
10:36 Centaurs Tornados v RSC
10:48 TRC Hound Dogs v LFS
11:00 Bintang v TRC Terriers
11:12 T'amoko v Centaurs Typhoons
11:24 Sai Kung Stingrays v TRC Hound Dogs
11:36 ISKL v LFS
11:48 Centaurs Hurricanes v Bintang
12:00 RSC v Sai Kung Stingrays
12:12 Centaurs Tornados v ISKL
12:24 Centaurs Hurricanes v TRC Terriers
12:36 TRC Hound Dogs v Centaurs Tornados
12:48 ISKL v RSC

13:12 3rd Green Pool v 4th Yellow Pool
13:24 3rd Yellow Pool v 4th Green Pool
13:36 1st Green Pool v 2nd Yellow Pool
13:48 1st Yellow Pool v 2nd Green Pool
14:00 Winner Bowl SF1 v Winner Bowl SF2
14:24 Loser Cup SF1 v Loser Cup SF2
14:24 Winner Cup SF1 v Winner Cup SF2

Good Luck to all

Slight changes for under 16s

Dear Under 16s

New grouping:
T'amoko Lions

Time Team 1 Team 2
12:48 TRC vs LFS
13:00 Centaurs vs T'amoko Lions
13:24 T'amoko Lions vs TRC
13:36 LFS vs Centaurs
14:00 T'amoko Lions vs LFS
14:12 TRC vs Centaurs

14:36 1st vs 4th
14:48 2nd vs 3rd

15:12 Loser Cup SF1 vs Loser Cup SF2
15:12 Winner Cup SF1 vs Winner Cup SF2

Players are to report to the field the same time 1130hrs

Barclays Cup 2010 Under 12s and 16s Players

Here is the namelist for Under 12s

Capt: Bobby Widagdo(ADPS)
V. Capt: Takenaga Kazuki (BGPS)
Roh Do Kyun (BGPS)
Joseph Tan (BGPS)
Akif B Samsodin (BGPS)
Muhammad Fatris (BGPS)
Kiatmaneesri Theerachote (BGPS)
Md. Ajwad B. A Rahman (ADPS)
Basir (ADPS)
Md. Nurhikmah (ADPS)
Jerrold Dayne Phang (ADPS)
Hisham (ADPS)
Rubesh (ADPS)
Keke (Yan's Brother)

Players (under 12s) please report to Turf City field by 0730hrs. Dont be late. First game at 0848hrs.

THose name not in the list do come down and support if you want too.

Under 16s Namelist:

Capt: Md. Safiy
V. Capt: Md Irfan
Hong Yu
Ivyn Toh
Md Dinie
Owyong **
Md. Suyan
Md. Firdaus

*Ardy and Suhami back up players

Players (Under 16s) please report to turf city by 1130hrs. Please come down and support the jr team.

All Players Please bring along the following:
Mouthguard (For those whom don't have I have spare that you could by from me)
Water bottle
Change of clothes
Black rugby shorts and those who have club shorts wear them.

The tournament will end by 1600hrs, for the juniors it will end by 1430hrs and the under 16s by 1600hrs.

Head Coach: Daniel
Forward Coach: Nil and Bart
Backline Coach: Sean

Thank you for yor attention. See you all tmw.....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barclays Cup 2010

Dear All

Please take note of the following reporting time:

Under 12s, pls report to the field at 730am.
Under 16s, pls report to the field at 1130am

Players are advise to be at the field early then the time mentioned.

Under 12s your first game start at 830am.

Under 12s Grouping:
Centaurs Hurricanes
Centaurs Typhoons
TRC Terriers

Under 12s there is two groups and the tournament will end around 230pm.

Under 16s Grouping:
T'amoko Lions
ACS International

UNder 16s only one group. Top 4 will make it into the semi finals. Loser in semi final will play in the plate finals, winner of semi will play in the cup finals.

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