Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dear All

Please be at Turf City Main Pitch tmw by 4pm.

We will have a short training and then the game will be at 5pm.

Please dont be late.

See you all


Anonymous said...

To Mr. Anonymous

Thanks for all your comments in the blog and all your "correction".

Maybe you just need someone to care for you. If you are feeling lonely and all please use the chat line. Pay money and have someone to chat with you or even correc the gal english.....

If you think you could run the club better then what we had done so far, come down to where we train. We would love to meet up with you.

So my dear friend STOP writing o our blog. If you have other comments PLEASE MEET WITH US AT OUR TRAINING VENUE.

Alan said...

Well, to be fair, i think coach Daniel is doing a great job with the Tamoko Lions considering his limited resources at hand.

At least he is passionate and willing to share the love for the game with everyone and anyone :)

We played a couple of friendlies with the lions and we all learnt alot from Coach Daniel and from the lions.

Rugby is a gentlemen's game and your attack is nothing short of ungentlemanly.

You have my support coach!

Ta'Moko Lions said...

Dear Alan

Thank yo for the support.

Ta'Moko Lions said...

Hey Mr. Wise Guy.

Don't seem to see you on the blog????

Why don't you just comment and have you name down.

Would love meet up with you.

king_carlos said...

You mrTamokoToothlessLion summoned?

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